Tuesday, September 1, 2015

 My cute Grandpa passed away at 96 years old. He was an AMAZING man! The funnest Grandpa EVER!!! We will sure miss him, but are happy that he is back with my sweet Grandma Margie.

 Never a dull moment growing up with my cousin John....

 Me and Michelle... my additional sister.

 The Gunderson clan... There's A LOT of us! We had so much fun all growing up together.
 ALL of my cousins except 2.
 Affie lost another tooth.
 Pedicure time for this little miss.

 "Friend Lunch"
 Reag fishing with her dad.

 More of the Gundi clan at my grandpas funeral
 Reagan starting 7th Grade
 Cameron starting 10th Grade
 Corbin starting 3rd Grade
 Afton starting 1st Grade
 Watch out Mr. Painter... Mason and Corbin... could be interesting. :)
 Corb's first tackle football game. They won 33-0
 Corb is just a little bigger than his team mates. LOL!

Cam was with his dad and found this gross tarantula. SICK!!! I can barely even look at it!!!

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